Real estate and construction


Our company has one of the best legal supports of transactions. It is confirmed by our five-year cooperation with one of the leading banks in Russia, the Raiffeisen Bank.

Experts of our company provide such services as analysis, structuring and legal support of transactions (sale, rent, mortgage, trust managing, investment agreements, shared construction, etc.) with commercial and residential real estate, land, state registration of real estate rights and real estate transactions.

Eurasian Law Company also provides legal support to the construction of real estate objects: analysis of investment projects, contractor’s agreements, legal representation in disputes with contractors (clients, developers, investors, etc.).

We provide the interaction of state organs and local government to get the necessary agreement (concerning the reconstruction and replanning, a change of the allowed usage of land, etc.) and registration of rights to property in state or municipal ownership (privatization, rent), including rather complicated questions connected with objects which are considered historic landmarks.

If necessary, we provide protection of legal interests of owners, tenants and other holders from illegal activities of third parties, owners, state organs and local government.

Our portfolio includes successful legal representation in actions:

  • to recognize the right of ownership;
  • to remove obstacles not connected with the deprivation of ownership (negatoria in rem actio);
  • to establish the right of use of other people’s property (easement);
  • to recognize the right of ownership absent (including that of public entities);
  • to recognize the right of ownership to the object constructed without permission;
  • to urge to take a decision concerning privatization or conditions of privatization;
  • to urge to enter into a real estate agreement;
  • to take a decision concerning the state registration of the transfer of title;
  • to separate a share in the right of ownership;
  • connected with the turnover of land plots, including agricultural lands;
  • to establish the boundaries of the land plot;
  • to challenge the records in the Uniform State Register of Rights for Immovable Property and Deals with It;
  • to challenge illegal actions (or inaction) of the body responsible for the state registration of rights for immovable property and deals with it.